Club Etiquette

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Dress Code

Proper golf and tennis attire is acceptable within the club house and back porch prior to 7:00 pm. After 7:00 pm men must wear jackets in the club house plus a tie when dining – except for Friday night (or other nights) deemed casual dining. Women should follow a similar code. Jackets are not required on the back terrace during the evenings – but members should not still be in their tennis and golf attire after dark. Blue jeans, leather or rubber flip flops, sleeveless shirts (for men) are never permitted in the club house or on the back porch.

For gentlemen, hats and other athletic head gear should not be worn inside the club house or under the roof on the back porch.

Bar & Alcohol

No one under 21 years of age may consume alcoholic beverages on the Club premises. Please consume alcoholic beverages responsibly. The Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Telephones & Cellphones

Electronic devices to include all cell phones, texting machines, iPods, etc. are not permitted in the club house, back porch or the athletic facilities. There is a cell phone booth near the front desk that should be used if needed.

Golf Course Rules & Etiquette

Golf Dress Regulation

  • Proper golfing attire is required at all times on the golf course, putting green and practice facilities. Hat/caps/visors must be worn with the peaks facing forward.
  • Shirts must have collars (men only) and must be tucked into shorts or trousers. Halter tops for women are not permitted.
  • Shorts must be of the Bermuda short length. Bathing suits, jogging shorts, tennis shorts*, cargo pants, basketball shorts, etc. are not considered proper golf attire.
  • Sweat pants, jeans and similar leisure attire are not appropriate.
  • Proper footwear is required; golf shoes or sneakers. Metal spikes are forbidden.
  • Additionally, all golfers should be diligent in replacing divots or using the sand provided in each cart, repairing pitch marks on the greens, raking bunkers, and discarding tees in appropriate receptacles.

Golf Shop

The Golf Shop has a complete line of golf equipment and accessories, including Rental golf clubs that may be used during outings. A wide variety of attractive clothing and gift items are also available. The shop will be open during golf outings and guests can make purchases using personal checks, cash and/or credit cards.

Golf Cart Rules

  • Each operator of a golf cart must be a licensed driver. Golf carts going to and from the practice range must not cross the 18th fairway. Drivers should use the Ocean Avenue route.
  • The club will not be responsible for injuries caused by the use of carts. Golf carts may be driven on the fairways but never between greenside bunkers and greens.
  • Use cart paths in areas where one is available.
  • Carts must stay 30 feet from greens.
  • Carts are never to be driven in the tall grass or on mounds.
  • Carts are never to be driven through a hazard.
  • Be careful to avoid soft areas in fairways and rough, especially after rains.
  • Please obey all signs directing cart use.
  • Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Cost of repair to a golf cart damaged by a guest, will be the responsibility of the sponsoring member.

Care of Course

Ball Marks & Divots
A fresh ball mark left unrepaired for only one hour requires 15 days before the scar has satisfactorily healed. Please take the following steps in repairing ball marks.

Discard the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball. It will only die and delay the healing process.

  1. Insert a repair tool just outside the back of the ball mark.
  2. Without twisting the tool, pull the turf toward the center of the hole.
  3. Repeat this same motion on all sides of the hole.
  4. Gently tap the repaired areas with your putter.

This entire action stretches undamaged turf over the ball mark, providing rapid recovery. Repair tools may be obtained in the golf shop.

Additionally, all golfers should be diligent in replacing divots or using the sand provided in each cart, repairing pitch marks on the greens, raking bunkers, and discarding tees in appropriate receptacles.

Tee Areas
Please do not leave tees on the ground after their use. Dispose of all broken tees in receptacles. Tees left on the ground can do significant damage to mower blades and are unsightly. Please use the soil mix provided on carts, and par 3 tees, to fill divots on tees and fairways.

Sand Traps
Rake all sand traps after play. Push sand towards the green in greenside bunkers. Do not rake sand by pulling away from the greens. This practice causes difficult down hill bunker shots. Leave rakes in traps after raking.

Practice Range

Range balls and containers are the property of the Golf Shop. Please do not carry range balls to your car or residence or play with them on the course. This creates a tremendous shortage. While range balls may be used on the practice putting green, it is the responsibility of the user to retrieve the balls after use and not leave them to litter the green. At times the range may close temporarily to allow for collection of balls if needed. Depending on weather conditions, range use may be limited to the mats.

Practice Range Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday-Friday 8:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
Saturdays 7:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
Sundays & Holidays 7:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. 


Tennis Facilities Description

The Rockaway Hunting Club has twenty-five tennis courts; eighteen grass and seven Har-Tru. The grass courts are open; weather permitting, all days but Monday (in the event that Monday is a holiday, they will be open that day, but closed on the following Tuesday). The Har-Tru courts open at 8:00 a.m. and the grass courts at 10:00 a.m. and both close at sunset. Under no circumstances should any court be used if the net is down. Only the Tennis Committee Chairman or Head Professional is permitted to raise the net unless permission has been granted by the Groundskeeper. Generally the nets are at the correct height (36” for the center) and there are net sticks at each court for measuring. In addition, there are 39” sticks available to raise the sides of the net for singles.

Tennis Dress Regulations

White tennis clothing and footwear is required for both har-tru and grass-court play. Colorful sweaters and warm-ups are permitted, but other color trim on clothing should be minimal and tasteful. Running shoes are not to be worn on any court.

Tennis Shop

The Tennis Shop has a complete line of tennis equipment and accessories, including rental racquets that may be used during outings. A wide variety of attractive clothing and gift items are also available. The shop will be open during tennis outings and guests can make purchases using personal checks and/or cash.

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